To whoever dates her next 

To whoever dates her next,
You are dating thee most beautiful girl in the universe. I mean, roll over and look at her. Look into her amazing ocean blue eyes and drown. Drown in the beauty of them. And then watch her as she looks back at you and smiles. And you feel that mushy feeling in your stomach? Yeah I got that too because that smile is a ray of light on dark days. Capture it in your memory and don’t ever let it go. Don’t ever let her go.

Hold her tight at night because you know how much she loves it. Cook her dinner because you know she can’t cook to save a life. Give her back massages whenever she asks, and don’t complain because you know she has a bad back. Suck it up and do it every night if that’s what she wants. Go to every single soccer game she plays because you know soccer is so important to her. And watch her. Really watch her. You’ll fall in love with the way she plays just like I did. It’s beautiful. She forgets everything and all she sees is the ball in front of her. She’ll make you proud to be her girlfriend. Say the cheesiest lines you can think of because you know how much she loves it. Do cheesy stuff. Stuff that is only seen in Romantic movies. Take her out to clubs and watch her dance. If you aren’t already deeply in love with her, you’re about to fall very fast. I could watch her dance all night. She dances without a care in the world and it’s the most beautiful sight to see. And don’t worry if you get too drunk because she’ll always take care of you. She’ll make sure you have some water and that you get home safely. She’s good at making you feel safe. She’ll make you feel home by just being around her. And for the love of god, make her laugh. Its like hearing an angel laugh. You’ll get high hearing it, it’s intoxicating and soon you’ll be addicted, just like I was.

She is everything that’s good in this world. Hold her tight, kiss her lips, tell her you love her so much and please don’t ever, ever let her go.


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